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    Help Page DivX Digest

    Apart from being a trademark of Project Mayo, DivX is the name given to a video codec (a piece of software encoding and decoding video) and is based on the MPEG-4 compression format. MPEG-4 is a new standard of video compression that is both high quality and low bitrate. They are usually only a fraction (around 15%) of the size of a standard DVD, even at 640x480 resolutions, making them the best home video format thus far. They only take half the time to encode, and yet at the same time is smaller in size than MPEG-1 - due to their incredible compression technology - some have even called MPEG-4 the "MP3 of the video world". Quality ranges from net-streaming quality to DVD and better !!


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    • Format : flexible - most common form : .avi
    • Resolution : Variable, most common : 640x480 or default PAL/NTSC resolution
    • Bitrate : Depending on resolution/sound bitrate. Most common : 650MB stores 80-90 minutes at 640x480
    • Quality : VIDEO - Variable, most common : similar to SVHS/DVD ; AUDIO - Variable, most common : CD Quality+ (48kHz, 96kBits, stereo)
    • Encoding time : 2-4 frames per second on a PII-350


    To view a list of meanings to the most commonly used jargons and technobabble, please refer to our Glossary Page.

    DVD Conversion Basics

    If you are interested in converting DVDs to another format, other than DivX, please refer to DVD Digest's DVD Conversion Guide.

    DVD Ripping Basics

    If you want to know more about DVD Ripping (copying DVDs to your hard-drive, without conversion/compression/encoding) please refer to RipHelp's DVD Ripping Guide.

    PC-DVD Basics

    If you are having trouble understanding computer-based DVD systems, please refer to DVD Digest's PC-DVD Guide.

    DivX FAQ

    All of our FAQs have been moved to our new SupportFAQ section (Italian version available here).

    Site FAQs

    1. I am having trouble downloading files from this site. What could be wrong ?
      Please refer to this page for possible symptoms/solutions.

    2. Some of your web pages are garbled. What's wrong ?
      Like many servers these days, we are using MOD_GZIP to compress our web pages before they are served. MOD_GZIP uses GZIP compression to compress web pages before they are sent - your browser (any HTTP 1.1 compliant browser) should be able to decode on your end - while compression/decompression overhead exists, for slow to medium Internet connections, this will actually mean an increase in page loading speed.

      Unfortunately, this can also cause badly transmitted (or incomplete) files to be displayed as incomplete binary content. The matter is made worse when your browser or your ISP caches these incomplete files, as the corrupt page will be loaded again and again, until the cache is flushed.

      MOD_GZIP has managed to save about half of the bandwidth the server normally serves, and from log files that I've examined personally, incomplete files are not that common. Logs also indicate that page views have also increased since MOD_GZIP was installed, which is probably due to the faster loading of pages.

      This website has been tested using Netscape 4.x/6.x, IE 4/5/5.5/6 and Mozilla 1.0

    3. I have a simple question I want to ask. Can I email you?
      No. I will not answer anymore questions, regardless of how easy it is. You should try posting your question in our forum, which may actually get your questioned answered faster/more correctly.

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