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DivX Logos :

Below are some logos that were sent to us. It's best to ask the author permission first before you want to use it (their email addresses are provided). These logos are presented in chronological order (oldest to newest). Enjoy!!

Disclaimer : These are not the official logos of the MPEG-4 or DivX standard, rather think of them as "fan art", if you will.

Name :.: DivX -Mp3 Audio :.
Author :Daniel Svanbäck
Date :19 January 2001
Comments :Made it while I was talking to Mart (Martin in USA)

Click to see larger version

Name :A Raising Sun
Author :Bella Salo
Date :11 February 2001
Comments :I made an .avi about this logo. It would be beautiful to see this logo before the film starts

Click to see larger version

Name :DivX Logos Fusion
Author :AM Tiainen
Date :11 February 2001
Comments :High quality DivX logos for professional use.

Note: Zip files contain Photoshop format images which includes 6 logos in different layers. Logo is also available in EPS format. DivX icon Zip file include icon and intructions how to burn DivX icon to CD-R.

Your don't need to ask for permission if you want use these logos in your own stuff like covers ect. But if you use it in public websites, please mentions that I made this logo.