Page 2 of 2: Basic Guide How to Convert AVI Files to DVD with Avi2DVD

Step 6: Add Job and Go

Now it is the time to add the job to the Job Queue. Click the Add Job button. Once you have the job in the Job Queue list, simply click the Go !!! button to begin the process

Step 7: The Process and Burning

The amount of time the Avi2DVD process will take place really depends on you source files, what encoder you use, and basically how fast your computer is. After the Process you will have these files in the D:\Movie\Avi2dvd_temp

We can use DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn to burn DVD with its ISO image or use Nero to burn DVD files in the DVD folder

The End

For a printable PDF please download here:

How to Convert AVI Files to DVD with Avi2DVD.pdf



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