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July 16, 2012  Getting Started with MCEBuddy
May 28, 2011  VidCoder Tutorial
March 18, 2010  PS3 AVIAddXSubs AVI Subtitles Guide
February 25, 2010  PS3 MKV Playback Guide (mkv2vob)
February 12, 2010  Xbox 360 MKV Playback Guide (GOTSent)
January 9, 2010  Xbox 360 H.264 Conversion Guide 1.5
January 9, 2010  PS3 H.264 Conversion Guide 2.1
January 9, 2010  MeGUI H.264 Conversion Guide 1.2
July 22, 2009  AVI to DVD using DVD Flick Guide 1.1
June 21, 2009  All My Movies: On the Way to a Dream Movie Collection
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News Icon VidCoder Tutorial Added

posted by: , 00:03 AEST, Sun May 29, 2011

I've just added a new tutorial/guide for VidCoder, a tool that allows you to convert video files, DVDs and even Blu-ray movies to MKV or MP4

News Icon TMPGEnc DVD Author 3: DivX with Menus

posted by: , 13:59 AEST, Sat July 7, 2007

Follow these guides to find out how to make DivX files complete with multiple audio/subtitles and menus (and also make DVDs too ...)

News Icon Is your PC ready for Blu-ray/HD DVD Playback?

posted by: , 16:34 AEST, Sun June 17, 2007

Follow this guide to find out if your PC is ready to playback Blu-ray and HD DVD movies

News Icon The Ultimate Freeware Guide

posted by: , 10:47 AEST, Tue June 5, 2007

Follow this guide and never have to purchase or pirate another piece of software again - there is virtually free software that will meet all your computing needs and we will show you where to get it

News Icon The High Definition DVD FAQ - Version 0.7.9 Released

posted by: , 18:29 AEDT, Sat January 13, 2007


Which movie do you think *should* (but not necessarily will) win the Oscars 2024 Best Picture?

American Fiction
Anatomy of a Fall
The Holdovers
Killers of the Flower Moon
Past Lives
Poor Things
The Zone of Interest

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