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AVI to VCD conversion guide 1.1

By Jim Mangafas





Greetings, in my recent time I have been trying to come up with a

method of creating good quality VCD's from avi files I gather from

the internet. After reading various guides on the net and learning

which software is the most effective, yet easiest to use I decided

to give back to the wider internet community by writing my

own conversion guide.


As you are probably aware there are a million and one conversion

guides out there, but the problem is most of the software described is

confusing to use let alone all the settings you need to understand

before you can get started. I will try to be a easy and clear as



Here goes!


Software Used



Virtual Dub! V1.4.9

Panasonic Mpeg1 Encoder v2.51

Roxio Easy CD Creator v5.02d (VCD Creator v5.02 is in this S/W package)

Divx Codec 5.0




Step 1: Cutting .AVI to size.


After downloading your .AVI file you will need to make sure its

running time is less than 70min.

(this is so it will fit on a 74min CDR)


If it isn’t open Virtual Dub and cut it into smaller pieces.


Step 2: Preparing the .AVI


While in Virtual dub you can add filters to enhance the quality of your

video file. A filter I like to add that increases quality of the final result

is the 2:1 Reduction (High Quality) filter. Go to Video/Filters/Add

and select it.


Next, you must choose a compression codec, so Video/Compression and choose

a Divx codec you have installed. I recommend DivX 5.0 or DivX Fast Motion.

The Bitrate settings for this codec are very important, VCD bitrate is

1150kbps if you set it higher or lower you will usually result in a VCD that jumps

and skips, also the picture becomes blocky and unwatchable.


Ok now your ready to save your AVI file with the new settings

File/Save As AVI/ type in a name and relax until its finished.


Step 3: extracting the audio


Now open up your newly saved AVI and check to see if all is well. If it

seems good you can delete your original .AVI to save hard disk space.

Open Virtual Dub again and open up the .AVI file. Now under the Audio

menu select full processing mode then still under audio select

conversion/sample rate - 44100Hz (important it must be this) then click ok.

Now choose File/Save Wav, give it a name and it will begin

extracting the audio.

The reason for this is the sync problems you get when watching the final VCD.


Step 4: Encoding to MPEG 1 or VCD acceptable parameters.


Ok, now we should have 2 files an .AVI file and a large .WAV file.

Open Panasonic Mpeg Encoder and in the Material Files box uncheck

the Use Identical Files box. Then click Select for Video and choose the .AVI

file. Do the same for the Audio except choose the .Wav file you extracted.


In the Output file box choose Type and select VCD/Pal Stream or NTSC,

whatever floats your boat. Make sure the Video Bit Rate

is 1150 and 25 frames per second. Audio should be Stereo 224 kbps.

Click Special Processing and down the bottom choose High Quality

interpolation.(this is optional but it improves viewing quality.)


Now your all set click Start Encode and then take a brake because this

usually take 2 to 3 and a half hours to complete

(that’s if you have a fast machine)


After its complete what you are left with is a big MPEG 1 file.

Test it to see if it works fine, if it does the you can delete

the .AVI and .Wav files.


Step 5: Burning the VCD


Ok after all that’s done were almost finished. Open up Roxio VCD Creator

and hit the + button on the menu bar and select the newly created MPEG

file. Drag it over to the Contents Of VCD Layout Panel on the right,

and then hit the Red Record button.


I always burn at the slowest speed to eliminate any skips, blockyness

and distorted audio, so select 2x300kbps. Then click Start Recording.

The recording process should take about 35min maximum but don’t worry

if it takes abit longer. The end result is a VCD compliant disk that

will play in almost any standalone DVD player.




So I hope I have been clear in the way to carry out this whole process,

it does take a few hours but have patients. Once you know what your doing

you can fiddle around with various filters and quality settings to achieve

the look you want from your VCD. Congratulations!!



Disclaimer: The author by no means takes any responsibility for people

pirating Hollywood style movies downloaded from the net. This guide is for

educational purposes only.



Good Sites: (for cracks)

               (for software used in this guide)