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I decided to write this guide because as a newbie I found it extremely hard to convert my movies to vcd and with crappy results. I have found a way to make my vcds now with great results every time, so I though I would share my experience with those who are or have been in the same bloody situation as I have. I hope this comes in handy for anyone who wants to make their own video cds.


Big greetz go out to everyone in Australia reading this coz I'm an Aussie so I haven't stuffed any translation into English (well unless u count spelling mistakes!)


Here are 3 simple steps for turning your divx movies into vcds that will play on your dvd player. The method is quite simple and it took me about 4 hours to figure it out, but once I had it down I was turning out 3 vcds a day.


For this to work at its best I recommend having some heavy duty hardware to make the process bareable. I use an AMD DURON 1300 processor with 512 meg of pc 133 ram with about 3.5 gig of hdd space available for encoding and writing the vcd files.


The applications used can be found by using kazza lite or going to .

Applications used are VirtualDub, Xing MPEG Encoder, and VCD Cutter. As mentioned before you can find all of these on kazza lite.






1. first step in converting your divx movies is to have the space required, about 2.5 gig should be enough but I have gotten away with using barely over 1 gig of hdd space.

To save on space I recommend having your divx movies on cdrom to start with as these files will get very large.


Download and open VirtualDub first. Chose FILE/OPEN VIDEO FILE or CTRL + O.

Chose your divx movie and then go to AUDIO in the toolbar.


Select FULL PROCESSING MODE/FULL PROCESSING MODE/<NO COMPRESSION [PCM]> this will then let you set the audio stream to extract at 44100 kHz wav format.


Go to FILE/SAVE WAV, and then name your wav file filename_audio.wav,example: UNDERSIEGE_AUDIO.wav.


2. Converting your newly created wav file into the right format for MPEG is quite simple, just like encoding an mp3 really. Download and install Xing MPEG Encoder.

Open Xing MPEG Encoder, Click on NEW.

You will see a list of profiles for use chose the following: STREAM PROFILES/VIDEO CD/PAL, click NEXT.

Chose the checkbox labeled AUDIO ONLY. Chosing this option will then grey out the video box.

Chose the BROWSE button under AUDIO FILENAME and locate your AUDIO wav file, then click BROWSE again under TARGET FILENAME to chose where you wish to save your encoded audio file. Then click FINISH

Press the ENCODE BUTTON to start encoding your wav file.


3. Now we have an AVI file which is your divx movie and a .wav file and an .MPA audio file. You may wish to test your MPA file to see if the sound came out correctly.

After you are happy with the new audio source you can now delete the huge wav file that is taking up valuable room on your hard drive J.

Again open Xing MPEG Encoder and click NEW.

Once again click on VIDEO CD/PAL, click next.

Chose the checkbox labeled SYSTEM this time because we are going to glue the audio with the video for the final conversion to MPEG.

Chose the BROWSE button under VIDEO FILENAME you will have to copy your divx movie to your hard drive if you haven't already done so, locate your divx movie on your hard drive.

Chose the BROWSE button under AUDIO FILENAME and locate your AUDIO MPA file, then click BROWSE again under TARGET FILENAME to chose where you wish to save your encoded MPEG file. Then click FINISH

Press the ENCODE BUTTON to start encoding your MPEG file.





4. Download and install VCDCutter.

Open VCDCutter and click on FILE/OPEN MOVIES or CTRL + O, chose your newly created MPEG.


Move the slider bar to the start of the movie, go to the top tool bar and chose EDIT/CLIP MARK IN or F5.

Now move the slider bar to roughly the center of the movie and chose a good spot to mark the out section example a fade to black transition or cut scene.


Once this is done go once again to the top tool bar and chose EDIT/CLIP MARK OUT or F6. once this is done press F7 to add the first selection to your CLIP LIST.

Now where you have just chosen your mark out position this becomes your MARK IN position so again press F5.

Once you have done this move the slider bar to the end of the movie and press F6 again for the MARK OUT position of clip two, now press F7 to add this selection to your CLIP LIST.


Now you should be looking at your CLIP LIST tab and see the two selections that you have made. Right click on the first clip and chose SAVE THIS CLIP to save it to your chosen location. (NOTE: the clips will save to the default save location unless you manually change the location by pressing F3, once you have pressed F3 go to the SETTINGS tab then BROWSE for the WORKING DIRECTORY of your choice, it's a good idea to have a folder on a secondary partition on your hard drive for doing this, for example mine is G:\divx|mpeg1). You should now have two MPEG files that can now be transferred directly into NERO Burning Rom. Download the latest from .





5. This step is perhaps the easiest step of the VCD creation.

Open up Nero Burning Rom and go to FILE/NEW or CTRL + N.


Next we go to the LABEL tab and name the fist disc under VOLUME LABEL. Now click the NEW button.

In the FILE BROWSER, locate your two MPEG files. Drag and drop the first part of the movie to the VIDEO Window. The file you have just put in this window will then be analyzed for compatibility with VIDEO CD, once this part is complete (it doesn't take too long) simply open the WRITE DIALOG box. Make sure that the two boxes WRITE and FINALISE CD are checked and then continue on to press the WRITE button. Repeat all of these steps for the second part of the movie.

You now have yourself a PAL encoded VIDEO CD that you can play on your home dvd player.


Hope you found this guide helpful, I tried to make it as easy to follow as possible as this is the first guide I have ever written.