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Download ASFCut, a software for cutting WMV or ASF files into smaller ones
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 3.9.09 (details)
OS Support: Other
License: Freeware
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Download: official site   official site

Description:Download ASFCut from the official site

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Please Note: ASFCut is not longer supported by the author. The work continues in AsfBin.

From the Author :
ASFCut is a command line utility for cutting out fragments, joining, modifying and reparing ASF files. ASFCut can be applied for any ASF files that is not only those with ASF extension but also those with WMV and WMA extensions.

The whole operation is performed without any recompression. Thus the video quality is not degraded. ASFCut can simultaneously perform all mentioned actions including audio stream(s) shift with only one single pass.

The result of an operation is always one media file. Maybe the most important feature to many of users is the fact that ASFCut can handle damaged files. It simply skips bad area and starts after finding next good frame. Of course if an ASF file has damaged header then repairing will not be possible by this software.


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: ASF, WMV
Output Files: ASF, WMV

OS Compatibility:


Revision History:

Version 3.9.09
  • Release Date: Jul 30, 2003

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