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Bgpop Codec Pack

Download the Bgpop Codec Pack, a collection of all the frequently used codecs and filters
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 1.0 (details)
OS Support: Windows 95 Windows 98
License: Freeware
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Download: PoPstudio.exe   PoPstudio.exe

Description:Download Bgpop Codec Pack
Size:1.6 MB

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Bgpop Codec Pack - a collection of most of the codecs and filters that you'll ever need. Includes :
    • DivX 3.11 Alpha (not VKI because of some problems on Nandub)
    • DivX audio (from original divX redistribution)
    • Mp3 Audio Codec professional with panel
    • DivX 4.0 Final (OpendivX) dual pass
    • HuffYUV 2.1.1 Video Codec (for capture)
    • Ogg Vorbis VBR audio Codec - raccomandated - best audio quality
    • Lame Directshow Filter codec
    • Microsoft MPEG4-VKI codec (v1,2,3)

    • Ac3 audio decoder filter
    • Avi Renderer Filter (required from graphedit)
    • Cyberlink Audio Decoder filter
    • Dedynamic (Normalize audio on-the-fly - require the use of graphedit - not work directly on wmp)
    • File Dumper (graphedit)
    • Intervideo Audio Decoder
    • Intervideo Video Decoder
    • Ligos MPEG splitter
    • I-Media Multiple-MPEG audio Sources (for videos with multiple audio)
    • I-Media Video Resizer (Resize the video)
    • WAV Dest (for graphedit use)


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: AVI, DivX, Xvid

OS Compatibility:

Windows 95/Windows 98

Revision History:

Version 1.0
  • Release Date: Aug 29, 2001

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