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The world's most popular video codec, download the latest version of the DivX codec here, now with H.264, AAC and MKV support
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 10.8.4 (details)
OS Support: Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8
License: Freeware
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Download: Download DivX Codec   Download DivX Codec

Description:Download the free DivX codec for DivX playback or purchase the Pro version that has encoding capabilities

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DivX 10
DivX 10


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DivX 10 introduces the latest codec and enables high quality DivX HEVC video creation and video streaming with existing DivX tools. Based on the newest video compression standard, DivX HEVC strives to deliver up to 50% better compression than its H.264-based predecessor, DivX Plus HD.

DivX 10 is the first software of its kind to integrate support for HEVC video across its products, including Player, Web Player and Converter—providing a free, all-in-one solution for HEVC video.

  • DivX Player delivers real-time, high quality HEVC playback of HM11 encoded video up to 1080p
  • DivX Web Player enables efficient HEVC video streaming featuring progressive playback and download in your browser
  • DivX Converter offers free, simple conversion to DIVX, MKV, MP4 and includes including new DivX HEVC 720p and 1080p video profiles

The "DivX Codec" is a copyright of DivX, Inc. All Rights Reserved. DivX® is a registered trademark of Rovi Corporation.


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: AAC, AVI, DivX, H.264, MKV, MP4
Output Files: AAC, AVI, DivX, H.264, MKV, MP4

OS Compatibility:

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

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Revision History:

Version 10.8.4
  • Release Date: Jul 19, 2017
  • Download(s):
  • Components:
    • Converter 10.8.4
    • Player 10.8.4
    • Web Player 3.8.4
    • DivX To Go 3.8.4
    • Media Server 10.8.4
    • DivX Installer System 3.8.4
    • DivX Control Panel 3.8.4
    What's New:
    • DivX Converter now provides new option to trim a file which comes from combine mode
    • User Interface of the DivX To Go module was refined for better support of the High Density displays
    • Support of the Dolby Digital format was improved in DivX Player
    • DivX Player now supports High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) format playback in media streaming in DASH protocol
    • DivX Media Server is able to cast video accompanied with FLAC audio tracks
    • DivX Media Server provides more robust and feature rich casting which is based on HLS protocol
    • VTT subtitles support has been added to DivX Media Server
    • DivX Media Server supports casting to Roku Streaming Stick and Roku Express hardware
    • DivX Media Server now properly displays image titles when casting multimedia from DivX Mobile
    • Overall support of the audio playback in DASH protocol was enhanced
    • DivX Player delivers a fix for proper item selection from DivX Library in Cast mode
    • DivX Converter contains a workaround for failed/incomplete installation of the Windows Visual Studio 2015 redistributable component
    • DivX Converter has updated Portuguese translation
    • Set of minor bugfixes and improvements
    Known Issues:
    • Dropbox import/export functionality might not function properly on Windows XP. 
    • DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.
    • For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance
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