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AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot) is a new tool aimed at beginners to DVD conversion. It uses a simple 3 step method to encode videos, and shares some of the same ideas as Gordian Knot, one of the more advanced tools for DVD conversion.

The goal of AutoGK is to provide a simple, 3 or 4 click method to convert a DVD to a DivX/XviD file.

Requirements :
    6-8 GB of free hard-disk space.

Software Downloads :

Summary of procedures :
  1. Step 1: Input and Output Directories - Setting up input and output directories;

  2. Step 2: Select Audio Track and Subtitle Track - Setting up audio and subtitles tracks;

  3. Step 3: Select Output Size - Setting the required output size of the encoded video;

  4. Optional : Step 4: Advanced Setup - Advanced Settings for AutoGK;

  5. Step 5: Start Encoding

AutoGK only accepts unprotected/unencrypted DVD files, either on the disc or (preferably, due to speed and efficiency) on your hard-drive.



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