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October 17, 2017  Windows 7/8/10 Advanced Codecs 8.3.4 Freeware
October 16, 2017  madVR 0.92.7 Freeware
October 15, 2017  MKVToolnix 17.0.0 Linux/Unix Mac OS Windows Freeware
October 15, 2017  SMPlayer 17.10.8725 Beta Linux/Unix Windows Freeware
October 14, 2017  PotPlayer 1.7.4027 Beta Freeware
October 14, 2017  Submerge 3.4.6 Mac OS
October 14, 2017  BluffTitler
October 13, 2017  Windows 7/8/10 Standard Codecs 5.7.3 Freeware
October 11, 2017 Movie Collector 17.2.3 Mac OS Windows
October 7, 2017  Windows 7 Codec Pack 4.1.8 Freeware
October 6, 2017  Hybrid 2017.10.05 Linux/Unix Mac OS Windows Freeware
October 6, 2017  K-Lite Codec Pack 13.5.9 Update Freeware
October 4, 2017  XMedia Recode Freeware
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News Icon Weekly News Roundup (October 8, 2017)

posted by: DVDGuy, 13:13 AEDT, Sun October 8, 2017

Weekly News Roundup for the week ending October 8, 2017

News Icon Denuvo Protected Game Cracked in A Matter of Hours

posted by: DVDGuy, 15:31 AEDT, Sat October 7, 2017

The effectiveness of Denuvo called into question again as hit game cracked in only a few hours after release

News Icon DeUHD: New 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Ripping Tool Surfaces

posted by: DVDGuy, 12:20 AEDT, Fri October 6, 2017

First commercial Ultra HD Blu-ray ripper made available, capable of ripping more than 30 discs so far

News Icon Weekly News Roundup (October 1, 2017)

posted by: DVDGuy, 20:36 AEDT, Sun October 1, 2017

Weekly News Roundup for the week ending October 1, 2017

News Icon Weekly News Roundup (September 24, 2017)

posted by: DVDGuy, 18:07 AEST, Sun September 24, 2017

Weekly News Roundup for the week ending September 24, 2017


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